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Who hasn’t seen an engine compartment at the track or a car show and the wiring is a hot mess? I mean literally a hot mess that is about to catch fire. These busbars sets are made in the USA install easily and in many different locations, and make a huge difference in the wiring of your vehicle. So kill that red octopus hanging on to your battery and organize your wires with a MAF busbar set. Take the plunge and buy these because you won’t find a better made solution for wire organization.

12 Point Busbar

12 connection points, #8-32 stainless steel screws
Max continuous: 180 amps @ 12 vdc - 15 amps per connection
Max intermittent: 20 amps per connection (less than 1 minute)
Max voltage: 48vdc
1/4" stainless steel terminal post. Stainless steel hex nuts and lock washer
Base Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (Red & Black)
Mounting screws: #10 (not included)
Mounting center: 4.66 in
Shown with included 218 Series terminal insulator and 312 Series 12-point terminal insulator (cover)

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$28.00 Pair USD
$14.00 Each USD
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