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MAF Suspensions

So you want to run a stock hood, but there just isn’t space to do it with the intake, air cleaner, or plumbing you have? Drop the K member with our spacer kit, available in ½” or 1” options. Simple design, super strong, problem solved.

Struggling with proper rear suspension geometry with your 8.8” axle? Been there/done that, so I designed these brackets to give more adjustability to the rear suspension

8.8 Brace Kit8.8 Brace Kit
8.8 Brace Kit

Our kit includes tabs that are welded to the housing and bolted to the cast center. Kit is complete with hardware, tabs and rod ends. Painted with a durable epoxy black paint. Drilling of the cast center is required to open the holes to 1/2"

$85.00 USD
• Free Shipping
• Made in the USA
Instant Brackets
8.8 Instant Center Doubler Brackets

Fit 79-04 Fox body and Mustang 8.8 rear axles only.

Water jet cut 3/16" mild steel. Welds to the outside of the factory lower control arm mount. Bracket is located by the axle tube and factory control arm bolt.

Welding and drilling required. Longer hardware also required. Holes are 1/2" diameter. Provides 1/2" drop per hole. Requires adjustable upper and lower control arms. 

$85.00 USD
• Free Shipping
• Made in the USA
K Spacers
79-04 K Member Spacers

Great for header, hood, and transmission clearance. Adjustment of driveline angles. Available in 1/2" and 1"

Made with 6061 aluminum waterjet cut. Anodized for corrosion protection. Hardware. Grade 8 and class 10.9
Weight with hardware:
1/2" 5lb 5 oz - 1" 8lb 16 oz
Without hardware:
1/2 " 2lb 13 oz - 1" 5lb 11oz.

Choose Size

½” $85.00 USD
1” $149.00 USD
• Free Shipping
• Made in the USA
SN-95 Mustang to Fox Ball Joint Spacers

Mustang Ball Joint Spacer/2 spacers. This kit will complete 1 car. Machined 12L14 steel. Machined to the correct dimensions so no shims or other spacers needed. Black Oxide coated

These are needed when installing SN-95 front brakes on a fox body mustang. Spacer is installed between the spindle and the ball joint nut. This allows the nut to be tightened to spec.

Made in the USA with USA Steel and plated in the USA.

$12.50 USD
• Free Shipping
• Made in the USA
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