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Why we use Docol R8 Tubing

Docol R8 Tube – Ultra High Strength Steel – Dual Phase Steel.

Docol R8 was engineered to provide a stronger, more consistent alternative to 4130 CD SMLS tube

Suitable applications: aerotube, roll cages, chassis, suspension, wheelie bars, motorcycles, wing struts, drive shafts, nerf bars and bumpers.

Common production car applications: door crash bars, roof bows, A&B pillars, bumpers, foot boxes and seats. Docol has been used in production cars for more than 30 years.

Currently Allowed For:

NHRA Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Cars – SFI Spec 2.3 & 10.5

NHRA Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Cars – SFI Spec 2.3 & 10.5

Key Advantages of Docol R8

  •  Stronger than 4130 by 10 to 15 percent
  • Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) in Docol R8 is much less in area than 4130, less brittle than 4130, retains better elongation and necking than 4130
  • Docol R8 is much more tolerant to heavy fabrication
  • Clean mill finish product – minimal, if any, surface prep required
  • Accurate and consistent dimensional and mechanical properties due to this material being a rolled and welded strip
  • Compatible with welding to 4130 and mild steel
  • Use ER 80 S filler material (same as 4130)
  • Suitable for TIG and MIG welding
  • This is what you want to buy if you plan on welding any brackets or tabs to your bumper support or rad core support
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